This one is from Germany, quite fun, I must admit

I pulled the car suddently, and tried to play infront of Aldi supermarket.

Was fun. For summer I often go to Czech Republick, the country of my origin. We were visiting a family with three kids, great for both mums, to take an occasional brake from serving the kids. This day was for me. To germany it was 15 minuts drive, and I went to make few bugs. And I did!

On the way back, I suddently, pulled the car of the road, and went to the supermarket area. I though I will also try to play here.

In the past year, I got used to take records of my life. Videos, images, writint. I guess, bit part of that habit came thanks me being active on, the first business that implemented micro-payments on BCH,  and enabled poeple to earn money for creating content. From there also coming the revolutionary Money Button, that you see bellow this post. You can easily create one on the website. And if you want to see video of doing so, configuring  it  to sent tips to wallet, you can click here. I made talk over video.

Thanks for coming !!!


Sliding this button send automatically 2 cents to Eat BCH_SS (South Sudan) I like to share, and you?

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